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Jake Blauvelt - "Naturally, full part"

Jake have been filming for his web series “Naturally” and this is his full part from the sessions. Sick part with lots of big natural jumps, check it out.

After reading some comments on TWSnow i have to say it’s not the most insane part ever, don’t get me wrong the part is sick and definitely worth a watch, but we can’t forget the good “old” natural riders like Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf. In TWSnow’s description they said “some of the gnarliest lines and biggest natural jumps we have ever seen!” Yeah he goes big but the people who wrote that can’t have seen Gigi’s part in “Futureproof” (2004), Gigi’s ender in “POP”(2003) and the Alaska part that follows with big tricks beeing thrown down by Gigi, Nicolas and Romain, these guys went bigger and rode gnarlier and more technical lines. I’m not hatin’ just sayin’…. (If i was hating on him i could say that his riding style is just a rip off from Nicolas Müller and 90% of the tricks in the part are ABD’s by Nico, but i’m not. Just respect your “elders”.)   

(Edit: You can’t embed the video for some reason so you have to see the part HERE, it’s worth it)

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